Newsletter 11-03-2014

Oceanside Marina Condominium Association, Inc.
PO Box 5034
Key West, Florida
November 3, 2014

At our board meeting last Wednesday, October 29th, the board made several important policy decisions. I am writing this newsletter to acquaint everyone with those decisions.

The first change is Dave Pfent could no longer be a director of the Association because he has sold all of his slips. The board approved Noah Singh to replace Dave on the board.

The next item was a change in the usage fees associated with the bathhouse. The system we have been using was based on the number of swipes during the month. It was felt that the system was encouraging people in the marina to not use the bathhouse. This was never the intention. Starting in November we will charge live a boards and “Boat-Tels” $75.00 per month to be billed at the end of the month. Other commercial operations, such as charters, will be billed $35.00 per month. Bathhouse cards will be available to slip owners and to tenants whose names appear on the OMCA lease. I’m attaching a copy of the full policy to this newsletter.

Beginning immediately all tenant owned boats will be required to use the OMCA lease. Per article XI of the Declaration of Condominium the Board of Directors has the authority to refuse any lease. It is the board’s intention that the OMCA lease be used for all lease transactions. Approval of the lease by the Board will be accomplished by the dock master after he has assured that the boat meets the minimum standards of seaworthiness spelled out in the rules and regulations, does not exceed maximum boat length for the slip, has the required liability insurance, and the tenant has accepted the rules and regulations of the Condominium Association. Tenants will not be able to access the bathhouse unless they are named in this lease after the first of the year. Click on this link and you’ll be able to download a copy of the lease.
OMCA Lease download

In the process of getting together documents to present to banks for lending purposes one of the most important factors is the quality of collections of assessments. The quality of collections is evaluated by the average number of days to collect, in reviewing our receivables we found that by and large most members are keeping their accounts current, however several accounts are taking longer to collect than they have in the past. A very few, three actually, have not been paying at all. Our association has had a collection policy for several years which we have never had to implement because almost all accounts were kept current. Because the quality of our collections is so important to financing the upcoming special assessments and because more than a few accounts are paying slower, we will be implementing our collection policy beginning this month. Past due amounts will be charged late fees and interest. Seriously past due accounts will be turned over to an attorney for collections. Follow this link to download a copy of the collection policy.
OMCA Collection Policy

Our plans for repairs to the docks are almost final. We have received permits and exemptions from the Corps of Engineers and the DEP. We finalized our bids and we are in the process of soliciting bids for the construction work. Along with the concrete work we’re doing to the docks we’re adding a vacuum sewer system and placing new conduit for future electrical and utility repairs. The vacuum sewer system is eligible for a grant that will reimburse us 75% of the cost.

Our Special Members Meeting to consider the acquisition of real estate and to establish a borrowing limit is to be held Wednesday November 19th at the Rusty Anchor at 6:00 PM. I encourage everyone to attend, this shall be an excellent chance to ask questions and discuss all of the things that are going on at the marina. If you have not returned your voting instructions /proxy I urge you to do that immediately. Regardless of how you vote we need the proxies to establish a quorum for the meeting. In signing the instructions you can designate me or name yourself if you intend to be at the meeting or you can name someone else who will be at the meeting.

Chuck Butler,
President OMCA
[email protected]